What is Vespers?

Vespers is an independent game project that has been in production by Orange River Studio since 2006. It is an experiment in a new, hybrid genre of computer gaming we are calling "three dimensional interactive fiction", or "3D/if". It is our attempt to bring text-based interactive fiction into the world of real-time first-person 3D.

Vespers is based on the fantastic interactive fiction (IF) game of the same name, by Jason Devlin. The text game won numerous awards from the IF community, including Best Game at the IFComp'05 and the 2006 XYZZY awards. Vespers provides a compelling setting and strong storyline for a game that features a fully interactive 3D environment and good old-fashioned text command input and output. Our objective with this project is to see how well text and graphics synergize in producing an interactive, story-driven, cinematic experience.

Vespers (the text game) can be played online here, for those interested.

Welcome to Vespers!

Vespers is an independent game currently under development by Orange River Studio. It is an adaptation of Jason Devlin's award-winning interactive fiction (IF) work of the same name. It is an experiment to discover what kind of horribly disfigured offspring might result from the mating of an IF engine with a 3D first-person graphics engine. For more details about the game, click here.

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