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Player Freedom vs. Railroading, Revisited

Although I'm still implementing material for Act 2 in Vespers, I've been working with NR on creating some of the new material for Act 3. In Act 3,...Read More

Changelog 2014-08-04

Summary Work continued this week on the holy water, as we turned our attention to the two remaining versions needed. One is a "dull" version for...Read More

Changelog 2014-07-28

Summary It was an interesting and successful week, with another foray into the C++ engine code. I haven't done that since the upgrade to AFX 1.1,...Read More

Welcome to Vespers!

Vespers is an independent game currently under development by Orange River Studio. It is an adaptation of Jason Devlin's award-winning interactive fiction (IF) work of the same name. It is an experiment to discover what kind of horribly disfigured offspring might result from the mating of an IF engine with a 3D first-person graphics engine. For more details about the game, click here.

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RT @AdventureGamers: A Mind Forever Voyaging may be a 1985 Infocom text adventure, but you'd never know from its timely political content: …