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Changelog 2014-07-21

Summary Busy week last week, with a lot accomplished. We're still working on that holy water, trying to get good animations for the water motion...Read More

Changelog 2014-07-14

Summary Most of the week was spent working on the holy water shape and animations. Although it's straightforward to create a semi-transparent...Read More

Changelog 2014-07-07

Summary As expected, not a huge amount of progress this past week due to the long holiday weekend. Nevertheless, we still made a bit of progress...Read More

Welcome to Vespers!

Vespers is an independent game currently under development by Orange River Studio. It is an adaptation of Jason Devlin's award-winning interactive fiction (IF) work of the same name. It is an experiment to discover what kind of horribly disfigured offspring might result from the mating of an IF engine with a 3D first-person graphics engine. For more details about the game, click here.

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